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What is the meaning of Opal Engagement Rings?

Posted by Nicole on 18th Jun 2019

How Is Opal Is Formed

When rainwater flows deep down into the cracks of the rocks. After the evaporation of rainwater, silica deposits harden to make opal stone. The whole process takes about 5-6 million years.


Opal stone is mined in the United States, Czech Republic, Canada, Ethiopia, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras. The most significant part, nearly 95% of the worlds opal, is in Australia. In 2008, NASA said that they found deposits of Opal on Mars.

Why Is Opal Stone Beneficial For An Engagement Ring?

Opal engagement ring is best for those who have a unique taste and look for something other than the usual. Opal stone emits energies, like lunar energy, prophecy, spiritual energies, which can be a tonic to enhance the love and trust in a couples life.

1. Opal is a great engagement ring gem since ancient times. It is a booster of love and faithfulness between the partners. It represents the faith couples have in their relationship. An opal engagement ring in rose gold can be a beautiful choice like the above opal ring ‘Grace,’ which can enhance the magic of creativity, spontaneity, and love of the wearer.

2. In many parts of the world, opal is given to couples for the beginning of a new life. It is a meaningful stone that can bind the lovers in a never-ending relationship. Above is an opal ring, ‘Zelda’ which can help maintain the confidence & improve the romance in their married life.

3. Opal stone is also called the lucky stone. It can be a lucky stone for the couple’s married life, which will help make the relationship felicitous & enduring. This Rose Gold Plated Opal Ring is a good absorber of negative feelings and thoughts that might harm your marriage. Opal’s energies give clarity to the mind helps the seekers achieve their goals.

4. An opal engagement ring can be a protective shield for your relationship by saving it from those evils eyes and jealousy. It can keep the spark of passion and that romantic love alive forever like an endless fire. The real opal stone has dancing auroras that are displayed in this silver opal ring ‘Exist.’ Opal is a brilliant spiritual and mental healer that can help the wearer overcome stress, depression, and anxiety.

5. Opal is a woman’s best buddy as it improves fertility, helps ease childbirth, and also alleviates premenstrual syndrome (PMS) discomfort. It will support you to live healthily & stay from negative energies. This 925 silver opal ring ‘Spirit’ is a perfect match for those who want to maintain their beauty & youthfulness.

If you are seeking a meaningful engagement ring, then you should opt for an engagement ring with opal. It is perfect