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The Fasion Morganite Engagement Ring Trends To Follow

Posted by Nicole on 11th Jun 2019

The Fasion Morganite Engagement Ring Trends To Follow

Every engagement ring is as unique as the person wearing it, from the style and design to the shape of the stone. With so many options to choose from.As we all know, there are many different colors ofmorganite. As a basic gemstone,One of the most precious and beautiful gemstones in existence today is Morganite, the sister stone to emerald and aquamarine, all of the beryl family. Morganite did not really have its own special name for years and so was called pink beryl. This pretty pink gemstone is rarely seen offered for sale in conventional jewellery stores and that’s because it is so rare, it is not normally considered a collector’s type of gemstone. While it is not a common stone, it is highly sought after yet affordable.

As a result of its light color, Morganite is not often seen in small sizes, but often cut in medium to large sizes. Also, as always with light-colored stones, the more richly they are, the greater their demand. Because of their greater depth, larger stones show off color better. While morganite’s color is usually soft pink, there are other warmer salmon pink tones common to the gemstone. This coloration is due to traces of manganese incorporated into the stones structure. Sometimes, morganite can be treated with light heating to remove the salmon tone leaving it with only the light pink color.

Sources of Morganite

This morganite mine is in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais, near Govenador Valderas.Morganite is usually mined from solidified magma-released fluids called pegmatites.

Like many gems found in pegmatites, morganite can form large crystals. Miners in Brazil have found crystals as large as 22 lbs. (10 kg). The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., includes two faceted gems weighing 236 cts. and 250 cts. in its collection. Although morganite is rarer than aquamarine, large cut stones are readily available on today’s market. That’s probably because morganite hasn’t been promoted to the jewelry-buying public nearly as widely as aquamarine or emerald.

Morganite was first found in the early twentieth century in San Diego County, California. A rich gem find of gemstone deposits containing tourmaline, kunzite produced several new gems including Kunzite. Morganite was an exciting discovery from this location and was renamed in 1911 in honor of John. P. Morgan, a renown industrialist of that time who also had interest in gemstones. Until that time, the gem was simply referred to as pink beryl without any special name. Not many years after, morganite was also discovered in Russia and named differently there. Beautiful morganite crystals are mined in a number of countries besides the USA which include Russia, Brazil, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Mozambique and Namibia. However, Brazil has produced the most gemstones over the last century.

Selecting a Morganite Gem

When selecting a gemstone, the most important criterion is the stones color. Decide if you are interested in a pink or salmon colored stone. Note that this gemstone should be selected in as large a size as possible because it is only in larger sized cuts that the beauty of the color pops out. Smaller stones are usually very pale. When getting morganite, you don’t need to purchase gems that have significant inclusions or flaws because morganite is mostly found in very clear and near flawless crystals. Stones with inclusions are less valuable that the colored flawless ones. When it comes to morganite, “the more transparent, the more valuable rule” applies. Morganite’s pink hue and transparent look makes it look magnificent under white gold settings. It’s hardness is 7.5 on the Mohs scale, just like other beryl gemstones, which means it is hard enough for jewelleries that are worn everyday. Although morganite has always been a bit rare and in high demand due to its beautiful pink coloration, the prices of most morganite gems are very moderate and not excessively expensive. This is great for people looking for a stone that exudes class but relatively affordable.

Morganite Engagement Ring

Morganite is becoming a popular choice for engagement rings and as stated above, its relative affordability and elegant pink hue makes for this. Whatever your reasons for wanting this stone are, whether you are looking for affordable gemstone or you are a young couple looking to break from the norm by going for something different than the traditional diamond ring, morganite is perfect due to its beauty, large size, durability and affordability. In speaking of designs, morganite solitaire rings with diamond halo are most popular. Morganite is cut in oval, round and cushion shapes with this design. Morganite can also be cut in marquise, briolette,heart and pear shapes. There are opaque and less transparent stones that are mostly cut as cabochons. Morganites can also be shaped into large faceted cuts which can be considered chic and trendy. Also, not only does the stone match the soft tones of rose gold, it complements every skin tone well.

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Cleaning And Care For Morganite Jewellery

Morganite is quite the durable stone which makes it suitable for daily wear. But to prolong its beautiful appearance, here are simple tips you should follow:

Keep morganite away from perfumes, hairspray and other household chemicals.

Clean morganite only in warm soapy water but avoid cleaning in ultrasonic and steam cleaners.

Store morganite seperately from other gemstones to minimize the risk of scratching or hitting accidentally.

Tips For Online Morganite Shopping

As a relatively rare gemstone, morganite might not be available in a wide variety from your local jewellery shop. There buying from online retailers is a great option. Not only is it easier to get online, they are generally cheaper too. This is not surprising, since the price tag in physical stores include employee salary, taxes, rental and other costs not found in online stores. While buying online offers many advantages, it is advisable to be careful because there are also unscrupulous retailers out there. When getting morganites online, keep these important tips in mind:

1. Color is the number one deciding factor for both value and beauty of the gemstone. Ensure the retailer’s photos reflect the gems true color. Some retailers offer videos displaying the gemstone which could make it easier to access the stone.

2. Make sure you buy morganite from reputable sellers who will not only inform you of the quality of product, but provide a certificate of genuineness revealing all the treatments the stone has been through. In addition, look out for reviews from previous buyers from your retailer. This will help you avoid issues other customers might have experienced. wegjewel is a professional online shop.

3. There is a ring size guide provide by online retailers to guide you in choosing a ring size that will fit. Check this properly to save yourself the trouble of resizing. Some take calls for finger measurements.

4. Check for retailer guarantees and if they provide after sale services. Also, check for shipping costs so you are not surprised when new prices spring up on you.

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